A Love Letter to my CSA

Image courtesy of saralittleyoga.wordpress.com

To my local community-sponsored agriculture group,

We have had an on-again/off-again relationship during the past two years. I know that I’ve just been dipping my toe in the waters, hiding behind friends while we did our little dance. It just hasn’t been easy committing to Thursday afternoon visits, despite the romantic atmosphere of the gardens. I suppose I was afraid at first, of what you might ask of me.

But I realize you’ve treated me so well with your bounty. You’ve given me kale that crisps up beautifully in the oven, with a little olive oil and sea salt. I’ve been overwhelmed by the apples, luscious round globes that I gently saute into a delightfully lumpy applesauce. The garlic scapes in particular, my goodness; those things are powerful stuff in any dish! And of course, those petite, ripe strawberries are so much better than anything you could find under the harsh neon glow of the overly air-conditioned convenience peddlers.

Your farmers and volunteers consistently show up with a smile. The garden always greets me with a lovely fragrance. I’m ready to take the leap now. I’ll commit to the summer, to be all yours, every Thursday afternoon. I’ll sign up not just for the minimum 2 volunteer sessions, but even more! And most of all, I just want you to be around forever. If all it takes is a modest commitment on my part, then I’m in.


PS. Please don’t be offended if I decline the sweet Japanese turnips. It’s just not my thing.

PPS. I love the updates on your site at http://stantonstreetcsa.wordpress.com/, keep it up!

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