BarCamp / ProductCampNYC

ProductCampNYC was a fantastic event where I met likeminded individuals and enjoyed a day that’s dedicated to the amorphous blob of a role/function that is the Product Manager.  I highly recommend going if it’s offered in the future!

I’m particularly interested in the product manager function both from an improve-my-everyday-work perspective as well as this-could-be-the-next-step-in-my-career point of view.  And what found today is this:

  • Product Managers are the customer/are not the customer.
  • Product Managers occupy a very interesting intersection between senior management, marketing, and development (mind you, this is biased towards my background in software development, YMMV when it comes to physical goods).
  • Product Managers communicate a lot/do not communicate enough.

What do I do with this as a project manager in a Engineering organization (not a rhetorical question)?  More on this topic later!

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