I heart my Joemo XL!

Very few products inspire me to <3, but I have to say that I really really do love my travel mug. The day’s weather struck me as a particularly nasty example of lousy New York rain.  As the fall ushers out the summer, the temperature bounces up and down, and the flu starts to go around, I always make it a point to lug great coffee or tea with me.  Thus, enter the Joemo XL!

Here’s a quick assessment, starting with the pros:

  • Keeps liquids pretty hot for a while, almost the same (unscientific) temperature range for 6 hours!
  • Tea strainer is handy and removable as you need it.
  • Slim profile makes it easy to carry in a bag.
  • Single-button sip-from-anywhere top is convenient!


  • No handle to grasp.
  • Carrying tote isn’t conducive towards convenient access to the mug, especially if strapped to a bag.
  • Difficult to clean and requires a good scrubbing and soak to prevent stains.

Suggested improvements:

  • Since the silicone gaskets need TLC and inspection every so often to ensure a good seal, perhaps offer a set of spares in the package and show some more details about care and longevity.
  • Make a better (optional?) carrying tote that has a handle or integrates better with bags.

Buy it here!

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