Moving from Brooklyn to Manhattan

I recently moved from Brooklyn to Manhattan and it was quite an ordeal. The move itself was fairly smooth and the flat rate quote was very comforting. However, packing turned out to be more of an issue. Who knew that there were so many different sized boxes and reasons for them. Not to mention that I had no idea there was an American Moving and Storage Association that acts as an industry group.

It was quite fortunate that there was minimal drama involved, but I still think that there are several improvements that could be made to clarify this “life process” (for lack of a better term, moving your belongings, like managing your financial identity, is only modestly documented and difficult to work with).

Recommendation: The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) should aggressively distribute information through the hands of landlords, rental car companies, and home improvement stores regarding moving tips such as recommended boxes, ways to wrap items, and how to carry large items.

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