Pride and Work

As a product guy in a software company, my day-to-day is abstract, communication-focused, and fast-paced. Yet when I’m at home, cooking a meal for my wife, for my friends, for my family, I feel a wellspring of pride that infuses everything I do.

There’s nothing like making something come to life, whether it’s a recipe, or a fine spirit, or a knife. As Made by Hand illustrates with these beautiful videos, there’s a value to one’s handmade work that isn’t just linked to a salary and health benefits. There is something more that’s been lost for nearly a generation of Americans, a sense of pride in their work. When someone else holds your results in their hands, savors the sensation and utility and beauty that only you could give it, that becomes another kind of benefit that we’ve lost in this age of knowledge work.

Go out and make something for someone, particularly this holiday season. I guarantee that you’ll find yourself fretting over the details, sweating the steps, and experiencing a smile on the other person’s face that’s uniquely, beautifully, and pridefully connected to your work.

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