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A Field Review of the OneSimCard

Note: There’s an update to this post. More information for 2014 is here!

I recently traveled to Europe for business, and wanted to stay connected with my family and friends in the US while I was over there. And since I have a smartphone, I also wanted to have affordable data access at good speeds. After a little research, I stumbled upon the OneSimCard as a possible solution. It’s a SIM card solution that gives you a Estonian phone number and utilizes roaming arrangements to keep costs down in a lot of different countries (according to their site, they cover more than 200!). It was a great solution to my needs, but watch that meter closely!
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Tethering Saved My Sanity

Picture courtesy of newbbie.com

A recent WSJ article (may require registration) brings more attention to a lesser-known capability of cellphones: connecting your phone to a computer as a USB modem to gain access to the Internet, a.k.a. tethering.  This feature was critical to me in a fairly common setting in the consulting life: having spotty or no Internet access on the road or at the client’s office.  And I’m arguing now that wireless carriers should include this value-add service in all of their wireless data plans for free, not to charge a monthly fee for it separately.

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