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Selling Scrum to Skeptics: Going slow to get Done Done the right way.

So last night, I had the opportunity to see Ken Schwaber in action at the AgileNYC event in LimeWire’s Tribeca offices with a friend of mine. It was a great event with a lot of people ranging widely in their exposure to Scrum. I find that there’s always a particular nuance that I relearn when I attend these talks, and the key one that stuck was all about how to plan and execute towards the goal of “Done Done”. Read on to find out more!

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Useful Communication Starts with Useful Pictures

Napoleon's March of 1812 and 1813
C. Minard's Depiction of Napoleon's Invasion of Moscow and Russia in 1812 and 1813

I recently finished reading Dan Roam’s “The Back of the Napkin,” which is a great introductory and reference book on communicating with pictures.  I also spotted Seth Godin’s blog post commenting on this NYTimes post and its validity.  And last but not least, one of my favorite examples of multiple dimensions of data plotted on a single illustration is explained by Edward Tufte.  I mention all of these examples because it’s easy to make a bad picture, but not too hard to make a really good one.

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