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How PayPal and Google are laying out the red carpet for Apple

Image courtesy of ontask.caFrom Mike Issac at Wired, PayPal and Google have been making waves this year with the combination of NFC technology and innovations in the payments space. And to Mike’s point, “Silicon Valley wants you to do away with your old, beat-up leather wallet”. However, all of this tech is still reliant on your credit card as an intermediary to payment. This is where Apple comes in.
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No More Cash!?!

With Square’s Card Case announcement and today’s Google Wallet event, consider this moment to be the point when wallets will start disappearing. Practically speaking, cash itself is the thing that will go, when people will no longer rely on physical manifestations of fiat money and instead have it conveyed and managed in a single, summative, number.
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Google, go kill the URL bar!

From ConcievablyTech:

The idea is to eliminate the two line navigation layout which currently has tabs on top and the navigation buttons, menu and URL bar below. The compact navigation model would only have one line and place the navigation buttons, a search button, tabs and menus next to each other. The URL bar is gone and the URL of each tab is not visible at all times, but only displayed when a page is loading and when a tab is selected.

Go Google go!
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Yay for (full?) Google Docs on Android!

I’m frustrated at the gap between Apple and Google.  It’s definitely not a hardware gap (pretty close now).  It’s not about client-side software (iTunes and its store is pretty dominant, but Google’s cloud approach works well too).  It’s not a competition between the number of apps in their app stores either!  Instead, it is Google, not stitching its product portfolio together!