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Discipline and the minimum viable product

With all due respect to Seth Godin, while he may be a marketing guru, his post about minimum viable product makes me think that he hasn’t participated in the product development process in a very long time, considering that his definition of minimum viable product is pretty coarse (and likely why it doesn’t work!).

As a product guy, minimum viable product is one important method with which to organize product development efforts, and to maximize the amount of benefit derived from scarce engineering, development, and management resources. In agile development circles, Product Owners work with the team to consciously choose to release “MVPs” frequently, or release a bunch of them together in an integrated package or manner. My take is that “minimum viable product” is the set of features that satisfy the core needs of your target champion audience and provides the team with the greatest return in both actionable feedback and revenue/revenue potential. More than one can go live at a time!

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Scale and Width

Visually stunning work from Christian Stoll, it really captures the idea of scale and the result of scaling horizontally. I wonder if the architects imagined that the escalator machinery had to be as wide it appears to set the escalator stairs as narrow as they look…

The Design of User Interfaces and Scaling to Content

Apple is a fantastic case study for a topic like this and I would start off by comparing the new Shuffle (3G) versus the prior version.

Controls The 2G Shuffle The 3G Shuffle
Primary Input 5 buttons (press or press-hold variations) 3 buttons (click, hold, or multiple click variations)
Feedback Method Visual (LEDs) Visual (LEDs), Audio

Scaling the controls to the content is extraordinarily important and the problem here is that for 10 functions, one product uses 5 buttons and the other uses 3. Continue reading