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HTML5 versus native: which way should you go?

Over the last few months, there’s been so much turmoil in the touchscreen tablet space! Consider:

  1. HP’s newest foray into tablet computing, not with a Windows OS but instead with WebOS, subsequently gets beheaded in under 2 months after the TouchPad’s launch.
  2. Android’s Honeycomb and Gingerbread tablets are growing in number, but not so much in market share.
  3. RIM’s launch of the Playbook is widely acknowledged as a flop.
  4. Apple’s iPad 2 launch in March is one of the most successful product launches in recent history.
  5. And last but not least (by a slim margin), Microsoft continues to plug away with its Windows 7 stopgap strategy while working on Windows 8.

As a product person who’s been working on a HTML5-based offline web application, it’s been an exciting ride! So far, the recent events underscore several key ideas that product folks should take into account: platform flexibility, platform longevity, and control over the platform. Continue reading

Did You Get the Status Report? – Project Management Tools and Communication Capabilities

projectmanagementcycleOne of the key elements (perhaps arguably the key element) of effective project management is proactive and compendious (my little word of the day) communication with all stakeholders involved.  I have been in many situations where I was in charge of multiple streams of work for multiple clients and initiatives.  Keeping things straight in a high intensity environment with multiple klaxons going off makes it difficult to keep issues and stakeholders lined up to be resolved or simply informed.  I came across the following article recently about a project management tool that was supposed to emphasize usability, but there was no mention of integration with diagrammatic (eg. Visio, MindManager) or communication (eg. Outlook, Lotus Notes, Gmail) tools.  Why hasn’t someone come up with this?

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