ProductCampNYC 2010

So following my earlier recommendation, I jumped out of bed on a crisp Saturday morning and headed over to the Microsoft offices in midtown Manhattan for the 2010 version of ProductCampNYC! There were great conversations, a ton of expertise, and an awesome raffle to close it out.

To give you a sample of the topics, I heard about:
  • entrepreneurship and its role in fostering great product managers
  • how difficult it is to really figure out what consumers really want
  • the key skills and attributes that make your career as a product manager stand out, and
  • how consumers and their behaviors need to be contextualized to realize the full value of the insights about your product (physical good, service, solution)

It got me really thinking about my own career and aspirations to do product management work. If you get the chance to go to a ProductCamp, don’t hesitate to sign up and contribute!

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